Our Services and Capabilities

We design and manufacture in-house

We design and build high quality robust reliable machinery that simply works, day after day, job after job - without skipping a beat. Our goal is to be a supplier of equipment that integrates seamlessly and operates independent from operator assistance. Switch it on - it works.

Our machinery is designed to meet your application needs and to provide a practical, well-engineered result. They accept a broad range of containers, different materials and label shapes; and perform effortlessly and reliably at many speeds, under all production conditions to do exactly what you want.

Our machines are the best in class

They are fast, accurate, reliable and affordable.

  • Pressure sensitive labellers
  • Heat transfer decorators
  • Label Print and Apply (LPA)
  • Leak detectors
  • Tamper evident applicators

Our pressure sensitive labelling machines can process up to 300 units per minute and our identification machines (inkjet and laser) easily handle in excess of 1500 products per minute.

We build them to last in more ways than one

Our machines withstand the rigours of modern, continuous production because they are built to last. But, they also have the flexibility and adaptability that our customers demand. Future capability and capacity is a fundamental design philosophy for Tronics machinery.

Modular design allows us to adapt, reconfigure, modify or mix and match components to support your changing needs and get the results you want.

We give you technical training and nationwide support

Tronics will train your operators to maximise your production efficiency.

We tailor essential service & maintenance programmes to your individual product needs and production schedules. And for those times when things don't go quite right have qualified technicians available on your doorstep for preventative maintenance, servicing, upgrading and emergency repairs.