Coding & Marking Products for batch & in line manufacturing

Ink jet and Laser printers for product and packaging coding and marking.

Our identification technology - Videojet - is the most respected name in automatic on-line identification machinery. Videojet delivers fast, efficient and cost effective solutions to accurately code, mark or identify your products or secondary packaging.

Small character ink jet systems

Small character systems are used for direct, non-contact printing of variable data (i.e, shift and date coding) on the surface of industrial mass-produced products. Using continuous ink jet (CIJ), codes can be applied with small font sizes to suit a wide range of requirements.

CIJ technology works by using a continuous jet of ink, broken up into drops, each of which is deflected by the printhead to a precise position on the product. The position of these drops is controlled to form easily-readable codes without touching the surface of the product at all.

Characters, graphics/logos and even bar codes can be printed at high quality and at high speeds. Systems are also available to print light-coloured characters on a dark substrate.

Large character ink jet systems

Videojet large character systems are generally used for secondary packaging, e.g. cardboard boxes. A range of materials can be marked with text, graphics and bar codes in medium and large fonts.

Two different technologies may be selected; impulse-jet and valve-jet.

Inks are available for porous and non-porous substrates.

Laser marking systems

Laser coding provides an alternative to traditional ink jet based coding. Videojet laser coding systems are clean to operate, have very low consumable cost, and are suitable for industries with high processing requirements.

Permanent codes can be marked onto a wide variety of products with a laser beam. This leaves a usually indelible code, of a high print quality. date, batch and expiry information, along with 2 dimensional barcodes can all be marked, onto most materials.

Thermal transfer printing systems

Thermal transfer technology is the best option for marking onto flexible film packaging. It provides an economical solution, at high speeds, for intermittent of continuous packaging applications.