Large Character Inkjet - DOD - drop on demand

for secondary packaging and box coding

The Videojet large character inkjet coders offer solutions for your medium and large character coding needs.

Modular printhead systems and simple integration into existing systems are important qualities that make Videojet box coding equipment economical solutions for many applications.


Videojet 2300 Line

Videojet 2300 Line Large Character Inkjet Printer

The Videojet 2300 series is a family of three high resolution, large character case coders that provide class-leading, consistent print quality on porous secondary packaging materials. With this drop on demand case coder you can print alphanumeric text, logos, images and GS1-compliant bar codes.

Videojet 2120

Videojet 2120

The Videojet 2120 is an easy-to-use printer for applying single or twin line alphanumeric codes to a variety of products or packages. This machine can print porous and nonporous materials.


Marsh PatrionPlus Large Character Inkjet Systems

The Marsh PatrionPlus® large character printing system has unique printhead flexibility that allows you to meet numerous production line applications with the versatility to print dot matrix or fully formed, high-resolution characters from one truly reliable system.


Unicorn One-line Large Character Inkjet Marking Printer

The Unicorn is delivered as a compact and complete drop on demand printer and can be installed extremely quickly. It is used for reliable and fast single-line coding.

Unicorn II

Unicorn II Large Character Inkjet Printer

The Unicorn II is a compact drop on demand case coder ink jet printer that provides high quality, reliable, and economical printing of one or two lines of text.

Additional Products

Videojet also offers additional large character ink jet coders that cover many different printing requirements. 

 Marsh 320Si

 Marsh Encore

 Marsh 8000


Drop on Demand Technologies

 Drop on demand ink jet printers are different to CIJ - continuous ink jet printers, as only ink drops that are required are produced.

 Two technologies are used for drop on demand printing: impulse jet and valve jet. 

Impulse jet :

 With bubble jet, water-based ink is used. The water is heated until bubbles form, and the ink is forced through the nozzle.
With piezo printers, an electrical voltage is generated, causing the piezo crystals to expand, forcing the ink through a fine nozzle. The drop volume is regulated via an electric pulse.

Valve :

 Pressure valve printers are only used in industrial applications. The valves, which are integrated into the nozzles, only open to allow drops to leave the nozzle.

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