Rotary Label Applicators

Flexible label application with greater product control

Tronics rotary labelling machines are fully customisable to suit your application, and can be supplied with special design conveyor systems, with bends and curves as required. One of the main benefits of a rotary labeller has over an inline labeller is that it has better product control and more flexibility in applying and wiping labels onto products where an inline machine generally could not cope; It also has a great advantage in speed due to its positive pitch and product handling.

The rotary labelling machines are general controlled by a PLC and a positioning system. The positioning system controls the servo axis of the labelling stations. The PLC controls the slow speed machine functions not requiring accuracy and speed. The PLC control system may handshake with your central line control, or it can operate free standing using its own PLC & level control supplied with the machine.


 Platforms / turret

The turret can be configured from 6 up to 32 platforms pending on selection of turret size.

Note: Available turrets 450, 600, 900 & 1200mm PCD

  Labelling heads

Up to 6 standard labelling heads can be fitted pending on selection of turret size and configuration of conveyor in/out feed. Standard labelling heads can be configured for label interchange (Zero Down Time for non-stop labeling).

  Mechanical CAM

The mechanical cam design is a modular self-contained platform assembly with hardened and nitrated gears. It operates in an oil bath rotated by a cam follower rotating in a cam track. There are 4 sizes of standard rubber platforms available. Mechanical bottle orientation available for all turret sizes

 Electronic cam

The electronic controlled platform rotation is equipped with individual motors being controlled by the positioning system. The platforms are fully programmable to accommodate any rotation as demanded for the product to be labelled, with a simple to program cam. Once program settings of platform are saved into a library under the product name. Utilising the electronic CAM gives the rotary labelling machine the added option of optical orientation for bottle orientation and label presentation for verification of correct labels / information

 Tooling standard

Standard tooling can be supplied colour coded with rails as shown; using this type of tooling is the fastest way to change over between products.

 Tooling modular

Modular tooling uses stars and arcs as inserts into a tool holding system. The main advantage other than cost is space; the cost is about 1/3 of standard tooling. Feed screws may be commended up. This design is especially suitable for round products. The tooling inserts are located in a jig and use little space tooling consist of loose stars and arcs. The use of a tool holder with clamps secures arc & stars; top layer of tooling is adjustable in height.


Hard guarding in conjunction with a safety laser is standard provided.

Rotary machines in general once risk assessed are category 3 and are guarded accordingly.


Optional extras

Product orientation optical and mechanical

Automatic interchange between labelling stations (Zero Down Time)

Label inspection/ verification

Product ejection / verification


Barcode verification

RFID verification



There are many ways machines can be configured, for these reasons Requirements,

Output rates and General Specifications will be issues with the official quotation with a machine selection catering for your product range.

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