Small Character Ink Jet - CIJ

With our range of continuous ink jet (CIJ) small character coding systems, there is a choice for every application. From high to very high speeds, font sizes from 0.6 to 12 mm and up to eight lines of print.

Our line of small character ink jet printers delivers exceptional reliability and print quality. They can print logos, standard bar codes, and other variable data on a wide range of products and materials. We provide a complete line of continuous ink jet printers able to produce reliable codes at today’s production line speeds.

User-friendly message creation, connection to networking software, and "no-code-no-run" are all available options

Videojet continuous ink jet printers may be grouped into different categories:
-High performance for 24 hour operation
-Mid-range for daily start/stop operation
-Basic, reliable operation for occasional use
-Special printers, e.g. for printing on dark surfaces
-Graphics, for addressing applications