Pressure Sensitive Labelling Machines

Tronics specialise in label applicators for in-line operation in continuous production environments.

  • We design and manufacture our labellers in Australia.
  • We have a wide range of label applicators for pressure sensitive adhesive backed labels.
  • With many different modules to choose from our labellers effectively handle a wide range of product containers, cases, pallets, materials, and label shapes.
  • Our labellers are made tough to endure the challenging conditions of manufacturing environments.
  • From high speed continuous production lines to occasional short runs our engineers can build a label applicator to suit your needs.



The terms primary and secondary labelling refer to the packaging that the labels are applied to.

Primary packaging is the immediate packaging used to contain and protect a product.

Secondary packaging is the packaging that encases multiples units of a product. This could be a case, carton, or pallet.

Did you know?

Tronics machinery is used so widely across Australia and New Zealand that it is most likely that at least one item where you live has been labelled or marked by our equipment.

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