Tronics Shrink Labelling System

Move Beyond Labour Intensive Decoration

Tronics and Avery Dennison join forces to bring you new shrink wrap technologyTronics and Avery Dennison Shrink Labelling.
Tronics Shrink Labelling System coupled with Avery Dennison Shrink PS delivers an appealing solution to replace expensive direct-printed vacuum-shrink bags.
Simplify your process
Avery Dennison Shrink PS label was developed to solve two key concerns from the marketplace – the high cost of direct printed bags, and the poor shelf appeal of hand-applied labels to irregular surfaces.
Shrink PS is a patent-pending label designed for application to shrinkable bags widely used across meat and dairy industries. The pressure-sensitive label is printed and adhered to unfilled vacuum shrink wraps, and it withstands the pressure, heat, and water of the vacuum shrink process.
Tronics new Shrink Labelling System enables Shrink PS labels to be applied quickly and smoothly to shrink bags. The labeller is easy to use, built to last, and the innovative design enables quick roll changes, label reel to shrink reel labelling, or single bag tear-away for easy label and fill manufacturing.
Tough, Effective, Reliable, and Accurate
• Fabricated Frame Design
Heavy duty stainless steel frame, creates a robust construction that maintains performance with label accuracy for years to come.
• Control System
Simple to use LCD that allows adjustments on the run, while using the latest high speed microprocessor. It supplies the fastest reaction time in the market, both in the continuous and non-continuous mode.
• Tension Control
Electro magnetic clutches maintain constant tension throughout the complete roll of bags supplying a perfect label presentation from start to finish.
• Tear off perforated bag system
This labelling system allows for bags to be labelled singularly using a foot control feeding system that can be torn off at the nip / pinch roller assembly.
Machine Specifications:
• Bag Feeder: Motion controlled, stepper driven, capable of speeds up to 30m/min.
• Label Head: Motion controlled, stepper driven, capable of speeds up to 30m/min.
• Speed: Linear speeds of up to 30m/min delivering up to 60 bags per min (for 500mm bags).
• Bags: Max Reel Outside Diameter: 240mm, Nominal Reel Inside Diameter: 76mm, Max Bag Width: 400mm, Max Bag Length: 950mm
• Labels: Max Reel Outside Diameter: 300mm, Nominal Reel Inside Diameter: 76mm, Max Label Width: 215mm, Max Label Length: 950mm
• Electrical Supply: 220-240VAC, Single Phase, 50/60Hz

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