Wrap Around for Round Products

This machine is fitted with modules that have been designed to apply labels to round products. Such as water bottles or paint cans. Within this range there are two options available:

  • Standard Wrap
  • Vacuum Wrap

Standard wrap is used where one label is required to be applied to your container. Typical application would be a round milk bottle.

Vacuum wrap would be used if the labelling requirement is more complicated. Typical application would be if you wanted to apply two separate labels - front and back - in a single pass such as for a wine bottle.

These machines can be configured to apply single or multiple labels in a single pass. They are fully automatic, so once running no on-going adjustment is required. These machines are placed in the production line. Any changes made by the operator, such as conveyor speed, are synchronized to all other labelling machine modules. This means the labeller's computer automatically synchronizes for correct machine operation. Quicker set up time with fewer errors.

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