Looking for good quality labelling or coding and marking equipment ?


  We have USED machinery for you to RENT / HIRE or PURCHASE.



Tronics' ex–demonstration, ex-rentals, and second hand machinery could be what you need.

Our used machines are assessed, serviced, and cleaned, ready for delivery with a 3 months guaranteed warranty. Or if you do not want to buy then maybe a rental agreement may suit your needs.

Our range includes:

Labellers: ex-rentals, S1000 and stand alone with dial control

Inkjet: second hand Videojet UHS and 1000 series ex-demonstration models

Lasers: Ex- demonstration 30 watt and fiber lasers available.

Thermal Transfer Over-Printers: ex- demonstration DataflexPlus, 6210 and 6220

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Tronics Series 3
Tronics Labelling equipment is capable (dependent on configuration of labelling square or rectangular products, boxes and cartons as well as round or slightly oval products . A typical labelling speed for 2 litre square container would be up to 180 products per minute . The label accuracy is within plus or minus 1.0mm (not including variations due to products or labels)

Model No. G-00549-01-1
Part No. S3(a)-A-B-D-O
Warranty - 12 months
Tronics Series 3 image
Videojet 43S
The Videojet® 43s printer is an industrial ink jet printer for users seeking an affordable printer that requires minimal attention by operators and maintenance staff. The stainless steel cabinet, self-cleaning printhead and simple interface let you focus on your products - confident that your Videojet 43s is providing high quality printing.

Tronics have a number of units available starting price is A$5000
Price is dependent on age and condition
All with at least 6 months

Videojet 43S image
Videojet XL 170 UHS
The Videojet EXCEL® 170i Ultra Ink Jet Printer allows fast, multiple-line ink jet coding to be easily incorporated into high-speed production environments. The EXCEL 170i Ultra printer delivers multiple-line codes with a single printhead, at production-line speeds of more than 1,100 feet (330m) per minute.

Videojet XL 170 UHS image