Videojet 2351 Industrial Box Printer – Corrugated Case Coding

The Videojet 2351 and 2361 high-resolution, large character inkjet printers provide class-leading, consistent print quality on porous and secondary packaging materials. These systems are designed and manufactured to reliably print durable, high-quality codes, bar codes and graphics—even on extended runs—with minimal intervention. Available in a range of printhead heights to best suit your printing needs, the Videojet 2351 and 2361 inkjet printers replace preprinted boxes and labels with a highly flexible, cost effective print-on-demand solution.


Highly legible, accurate codes on your cases and cartons are critical for effective inventory and supply chain management. To address a variety of printing needs and applications, Videojet offers a range of high and low resolution ink-based systems along with automatic label application systems.Consistent high-resolution text, logo and bar codes, even on extended runs and in dusty environments. Innovative technology sustains superior print quality, without affecting production speed or throughput. Ink-based system delivers fast start-ups and durable codes that can withstand the distribution chain. Non-pressurized, non-drip ink canister enables ink to be changed without stopping production. Minimum intervention needed due to patented micro-purge process and unique return line filter. Replace pre-printed cases and labels, print variable information on-line. Simple, intuitive software reduces the potential for operator errors.

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