Parts & Consumables

At Tronics, we provide a variety of value-add services to ensure our customers are trained on how to use our products in the most effective manner, allowing them to reap cost and time saving benefits.

At Tronics, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our company's core values. We don't just supply our customers with equipment and spare parts, we also stock and supply a wide range of consumable products including inks in various forms, cleaning solutions, make up solutions, thermal transfer ribbons (TTR), etc. At Tronics we understand the challenges our customers face with dangerous goods paperwork for shipping purposes, which is why we stock several items to allow our customers to consolidate their orders and minimise paperwork.
Tronics Labelling Machines

Spare parts

Tronics ensures we stock spare parts to match those of the machine models we provide. Feel free to reach out for information on parts availability, pricing, or assistance in identifying the right part for your machine.

Tronics Labelling Machines

Ink Solutions

Our range of inks is available to customers in various colours, and forms, including bottles, cans and cartdridges. Tronics ensures we stock ink products to match those of the machine models we supply to customers. Contact us for product availability and pricing or if you're unsure of which ink to use for your machine.

Tronics Labelling Machines

Cleaning & Makeup Solutions

Tronics also stocks and supplies customers with other consumable products, such as cleaning and make up solutions. Please note that often times, there are steps that must be taken into order to prepare your machine for the changeover of inks. When you become a Tronics customer, you get access to a team of experts who can guide you through how to best look after your machine.

Tronics Labelling Machines

Thermal transfer ribbons

Tronics Videojet TTR (thermal transfer ribbons) are available in various dimensions to suit customers needs.

Tronics Labelling Machines


If you're a distributor looking to purchase and on sell TTR products, please contact us to enquire about range availability and pricing.

Why Choose Tronics?

Tronics, with manufacturing plants in Melbourne, Australia, and Indiana, USA, is your trusted labelling, marking and coding partner. We collaborate closely with our customers, understanding their unique requirements. When you choose Tronics, you're not just acquiring equipment – you're gaining a personalised solution tailored to your business needs.
Our commitment includes:

Local Technical Support

Guidance during the design phase ensures seamless integration into your production lines.

High Quality Machines

Receive a top-of-the-line, user-friendly machine, complemented by comprehensive training.

Onsite Installation Support

Benefit from our local engineering/technician team for hassle-free installation, or let our expert technicians handle the setup.

Maintenance Services

Our local team is equipped to run a maintenance program or address any adhoc repair and maintenance needs promptly.

Ready to see if Tronics has the right solution for you?