Tronics S1000 Labeller

Fully Synchronised & Economical Labeller with Proven Technology by Tronics
Tronics S1000 Labeller

The innovative design of the S1000 means that you can now benefit from a full specification Tronics labelling system even on a limited budget.

The S1000 utilises Tronics’ stepper motor driven label head that has proven its accuracy and reliability in thousands of applications across many industries internationally.

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S1000 Features


Our Tronics S1000 Stand-Alone Pressure Sensitive Labellers were developed for customers who want the durability of our S3 labellers, but are doing more straight-forward simple products.

Efficient Labeling

The Tronics S1000 is ideal for simple flat panel and promotional spot labeling applications. In addition, if changeover is not frequent and you will be running the same or very similar products all day long, then this may be the best fit for your organisation.

Economical Innovation

Although economical, the Tronics S1000 is NOT your typical “Cheap Head-On-A-Stick” pressure sensitive labeller. In fact, this extruded aluminium frame supports Tronics standard S3 label head rated at 30 metres per minute. This means that the S1000 can be upgraded into a S3 at a later date.


Tronics s1000 Labeller
Maximum Dispensing Speed
Minimum Dispensing Speed
Label Reel Core Size
76mm inside diameter
Label Reel Outside Diameter
335 maximum
Label Size Vertical
15mm – 215mm
Label Size Horizontal
20mm – 999mm
Label Gap Size Minimum
Label Stop Accuracy
+/- 0.5mm (on dispensing edge)
Right and Left Labelling Heads
Can be left, right, or both
Height Adjustment Side
870mm – 1185mm
Height Adjustment Overhead
900mm – 1050mm
Horizontal Adjustment
0mm – 150mm
Tilt Adjustment
+/- 8 degrees


Dairy & Cheese Industry by Application

Dairy & Cheese

Food Industry by Application


Fresh Food Industry by Application

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Meat & Poultry Industry by Application

Meat & Poultry

Pet Food Animal Feed Industry by Application

Pet Food & Animal feed



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