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  • Videojet 4410 Commercial Addressing Printer

    Commercial Printer with DOD Piezo Printing Technology for Mailing Applications

    The Videojet 4410 inkjet addressing system utilizes piezo printing technology to deliver high print quality print on a wide range of materials at production speeds with minimal operator intervention.

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  • Videojet 4320 Addressing & Imaging

    Commercial Thermal Inkjet Printer for High Resolution Mailing Applications

    The Videojet 4320 inkjet printer is specifically designed to deliver high quality inkjet addressing and imagingat an affordable price. Operating at production speeds, the Videojet 4320 is an ideal product for the mailing, printing and newspaper industries.

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  • BX6000

    The Videojet BX Series Binary Array inkjet printer delivers versatile, dependable high-speed digital printing for increased productivity.
    Provides one or two printhead(s) with 2 in (51 mm) print band(s) running at speeds up to
    1970 fpm (600 mpm)
    A single Crescendo Controller can control one or two BX6500/6600 cabinets with up to four printheads
    Dual job capability to place each head on a separate line – both controlled by one Crescendo controller or complete a single job in half the time

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  • Videojet 37pc Postal Bar Code Inkjet Printer – Continuous Coding

    The Videojet 37pc inkjet printer is designed to print a wide range of globally-accepted postal bar code fonts.


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